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American Furry
Life, Liberty, and The Fursuit of Happiness

A feature-length documentary in progress directed by Marianne Shaneen

you can learn a lot about being human when you act like an animal

From the earliest cultures that revered animal-headed gods, to Bugs Bunny, anthropomorphic animals have always been humanity's spirit guides, teachers, storytellers, monsters, and irreverent tricksters.

Today, tens of thousands of "furries" fantasize about being 'animal people', and have created an alternate universe where they can live as their 'fursonas' through roleplay, wearing full-body 'fursuits,' and spiritual, sexual and creative exploration.

With unprecedented access, American Furry: Life, Liberty and the Fursuit of Happiness is the first feature-length documentary to explore this unique and misunderstood subculture. This empathetic portrait of this largely Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Transgendered community champions expressive freedom and envisions a world with room for all kinds of people and many kinds of love.

American Furry features a human-lion-transhumanist, a gender-bending wolf, a body-painted leopardess, a queer standup 'gryphon' comedian, and a gay couple with a shared love of weasels. Its unforgettable characters reveal that becoming-animal is part of their very human search for love, freedom, and acceptance.

Combining intimate interviews, staged fantasy scenes, archival footage, humorous vignettes, and abstract poetic interstitials, it raises fascinating questions about identity, gender, technology and the body, and human-animal relationships.

Furries challenge the boundaries between human and animal, imagination and reality, believing that 'seeing through the eyes of animals' can give humans more empathy for animals, the environment, and each other.

American Furry: Life, Liberty and the Fursuit of Happiness is a poetic, playful, provocative exploration of fluid identity and trans-species possibility.

"Furry isn't something you become. Furry is something you realize you are."

all material copyright Marianne Shaneen Rabbit Hole Films, LLC